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The following are books created with fun in mind, all while challenging those who use them to master their math skills. All of the books are available on and

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Matthew Kandew Books

Whatcha Got? Mathopoly Games Math Book for basic facts and math vocabulary


Mathopoly Games brings you Whatcha Got??? Is a Mental Math and Math Vocabulary activity that sees you start with a specific number, and then read what math function to use in a series of 10 steps (4 steps for Shortz) to get to the final number. Each step has its own Math function and each steps calculation is used for the next step. You can time yourself for this activity and challenge your friends and ask them “Whatcha Got???” or you may choose not to and just hope you get the correct answer! It's not an easy as you think! 180 challenges included!

Mathopoly Games DIDIT, Math puzzles, basic facts, i

Matthew Kandew DIDIT!

 Mathopoly Games brings you Matthew Kandew's DIDIT! Can you do the "DIDIT"? Fantastic for students, adults and those who love a challenge! These Awesome "Get from here to There" Grid Puzzles for Addition and Subtraction mastery with a multiplication bonuses thrown in are addicting. Great thinking involved as you try to figure out the number route you need to take in order to succeed. Read the instructions for each game, as different math/direction rules apply. The BEST part...There can be multiple ways to solve each puzzle! However, if you want to play it safe, there is an answer key available. 40 puzzles included!

Mathopoly Games Question search math puzzles basic facts,

Matthew Kandew Question Search

Mathopoly Games bring you Matthew Kandew's Question Search. Find The Answers We Ask For, To The Calculations We Give You, In This Wonderful Take On Word Search Games To Strengthen Math Skills! In an 80-square grid, you will search for answers amongst the calculations given. There are 40 Total Games, including: Adding, Subtraction, Multiplication and Integers. Remember, even though there is an answer sheet provided, you may find alternative questions for the answers to look for. That’s the beauty of Math! 40 puzzles included!